C2 Hardwood.jpg

Miele C2 Hardwood
Regular: $649.99
SALE: $499.99

The Miele C2 Hardwood is a great choice for anyone who has primarily solid surface flooring in their home. The C2 comes with a 'flip flop' combo tool. One setting lifts the bristles into the floor tool, making it easy to glide over front door mats or rug, while the other drops the bristles to pick up dirt and debris from your hardwoods, laminates, tile etc. Easy to use, nice basic unit that gets the job done.

Miele C3 Excellence.jpg

Miele C3 Excellence
Regular: $949.99
SALE: $699.99

Miele's C3 Excellence is their best selling machine. Their full size machine coupled with a nice, compact power nozzle, is perfect for anyone who wants strong suction and an electric power nozzle, without the weight and bulk of a full size nozzle. This machine is an excellent choice if you have a few rooms of carpet, area rugs, front door mats, and pet hair to lift up! Get yours today!