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Sebo E Series Canister


As Sebo states, "The patented airbelt is of a very light, but high-impact material and can absorb shocks well. The airbelt ensures that your walls, furniture, and the vacuum itself, are protected. Many other features facilitate the work. Strong suction, slim shape, high energy efficiency, and low noise make the Sebo Airbelt E a pleasant cleaning companion in your every day life". (1) Backed with a 10 year warranty, you can bring your new Sebo home with the peace of mind that you have made a great purchase.


Sebo E1 Kombi - $499

The E1 Kombi is a straight-suction vacuum, designed for the cleaning and maintenance of hard floors and rugs that don't require the aggressive turbine to lift pet hair. The E1 Kombi includes a combination nozzle with retractable bristles to easily glide over solid surfaces, or to pick up light debris from carpets or area rugs

The Sebo E1


Sebo E2 Turbo - $599

The E2 Turbo is a straight-suction vacuum, designed for the cleaning and maintenance of hard floors and rugs. The E2 Turbo offers both an air-driven turbo head and a parquet brush. This model is one of our main sellers in the store as it is perfect for people with mostly hard surfaces (wood, laminate, vinyl etc..) but who want a bit more aggression for small area rugs, runner mats, or lower pile carpet, than the E1 would offer. This unit will pick up pet hair in a home with minimal carpeting / rugs.


Sebo E3 Premium - $999

The Sebo E3 Premium is a pet owner's dream machine!!!

The E3 premium offers superior noise reduction, ergonomic handles, and a 1-touch cord rewinder for a comfortable experience.


Their tapered, patented, air-belt (the bumper) design reduces friction contact between the machine and your walls, and furniture, to ensure nothing gets scuffed or scratched.


The E3 Premium comes with Sebo's specially designed power nozzle, that is perfect for getting your rugs and carpets free of debris, dirt, and hair! We cant recommend this model enough when it comes to heavy use, or pets!


Sebo D4 Premium - $1099

Our full-size AIRBELT D models are ultra-quiet – but they’ll speak up when they need your attention, like a bag change or a quick unclogging. That won’t be too often though, thanks to a unique tapered suction hose that increases airflow and minimizes clogs.


Breeze through your largest spaces with an extra-long 52’ cleaning radius, and don’t worry about changing bags too often – this unit's 6 L bag capacity is almost twice that of the E Series machines.

The commercial-quality D4’s suction adjustment switch is located on its ergonomic handle that gives you effortless control of the power head’s 180° steering. The D4 Premium also comes equipped with a SEBO ET-1 power head.

Sebo Dart.jpg

Sebo Felix Dart - $549


Sebo Mechanical - $799


Miele Triflex HX2 Pro
Reg: $1299.99

C2 Hardwood.jpg

Miele C2 Hardwood - $649


Miele Blizzard Total Care - $949

The Miele C2 Hardwood is a great choice for anyone who has primarily solid surface flooring in their home. The C2 comes with a 'flip flop' combo tool. One setting lifts the bristles into the floor tool, making it easy to glide over front door mats or rug, while the other drops the bristles to pick up dirt and debris from your hardwoods, laminates, tile etc. Easy to use, nice basic unit that gets the job done.


Miele C3 Limited - $749.99 

Miele C3 Excellence.jpg

Miele C3 Excellence - $999.99

Miele's C3 Excellence is their best selling machine. Their full size machine coupled with a nice, compact power nozzle, is perfect for anyone who wants strong suction and an electric power nozzle, without the weight and bulk of a full size nozzle. This machine is an excellent choice if you have a few rooms of carpet, area rugs, front door mats, and pet hair to lift up! Get yours today!


Airstream AS100 - $199


Airstream AS300 - $499


Airstream AS200 - $299


Airstream AS600 - $299

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